Anytime you have to deal with the Australian court system, things can be confusing and stressful. This is one reason why we are bringing you this helpful list to try and prepare you so you know what to expect. Please keep in mind this should only be used as an informative piece and speaking to your legal representative is best.

  • Case Assessment Conference – this is conducted by a principal registrar and is meant to assess the main issues of your disagreement as well as determine the facts of the case. You will also be discussing the appropriate paperwork that will be needed as well as discussing future events.
  • Initial paperwork – there is a whole list of papers that need to be filled out and filed before the next step in family court. If you have questions be sure to talk with your legal representative.
  • Initial procedural hearing which will be conducted by the principal registrar –  The purpose of this hearing is to be sure your case is ready to move on and is appropriate for the family court.
  • Child Responsive Program – this is where a family consultant, the parents and the children meet together in a series of meetings. This program is focused on the children’s needs as well as helping the parents and court see how family separations can affect children. Sometimes issues at this stage can be resolved with further court hearings.
  • Conciliation Conference – when appropriate, the purpose of this meeting is to help you resolve any financial issues or parenting issues before the hearing. You can think of this as a chance to reconcile and fix the presented issues.
  • Procedural Hearing – this step occurs as soon as possible after the child responsive program is completed. This hearing is done with the principal registrar and will look at a few different aspects of the case. The registrar will review any issues the parents or children have, as well as make procedural orders that will come into play in front of the judge at the hearing. The date for the trial is also set.

As always it is best to contact and speak with your legal team to determine exactly what is going to happen in your individual case.

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