Divorce is no picnic. There are many things to consider and to be resolved during this process and gaining possession of valuable items, including property, is one of them. Things should be split equally in half, but let’s face it: this doesn’t happen often.  That is why we have come up with these tips so that you can fairly split your home and prized possessions.

  • Attempt to split things equally without the use of a mediator if possible. You will have a better chance of being able to keep the items you want if you and your spouse can reach an agreement together outside of the legal system. If your situation warrants a judge, they are going to divide your possessions based on your needs, as well as specific laws.
  • Do not attempt to hide assets. If you really want to keep something, hiding it is not the answer. In fact, by hiding assets, you could potentially be breaking the law. Talk to your spouse and your solicitor and explain why this particular possession is important to you. You can try to reach a compromise with your spouse, so it doesn’t result in a feud.
  • It would only seem right to allow the parent who has custody of the children to keep the home (if they can afford to do so). This way, children are not uprooted needlessly. Moving for children could be damaging and the stress of the separation, in general, is tough on children. Put differences aside and always think what is best for the children.

If you want to try to reach an agreement out of court, without the judge splitting things down the middle, then resolving your conflicts between the two of you is ideal. When trying to split your home and your possessions, don’t be greedy and selfish. Think openly, think fairly and be willing to compromise when you need to. This will help you avoid long drawn out hearings in court and the possibility of losing everything you are fighting for.

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