As we mentioned a few weeks ago, going through a separation is tough. Back then, we spoke about a few valuable tips on how you should manage your separation. We have a few things that will hopefully help you to deal with the separation and still keep your composure and sanity.

  • Take Up A Hobby – Yes, this might sound strange given the circumstances, but it is a valuable tool for going forwards. You will be able to start a new hobby, gain some skills, distract yourself and make some new friends. Hobbies are valuable for people in everyday life, and starting one after your separate will help you during this time. 
  • Give Yourself A Break – remember the separation isn’t necessarily your fault. Sometimes people who were once in love have a change of feelings and that is ok. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t put yourself down stay positive.
  • Allow help – if you have children and are suddenly finding yourself in the single parent situation, allow any friends or family who offer help to help you. Making the transition from a two parent household to a single parent one can be a tough transition at first and the extra help can help you to keep your sanity during the process.
  • Take a breath – remember to breathe, this too shall pass and things will get into some sort of “normal” soon. You are not alone in the separation situation. In fact accounting to one study the divorce rate is between 73 and 74% for the US which makes the separation rate at least that amount if not more, because some of those who separate don’t necessarily go on to get a divorce.

Now that you are separated you need to remember to take time for you, learn how to live as a single individual again (this can be especially difficult if you were with your partner for any length of time). Take one day and one moment at a time and in time the pain associated with the separation will pass and you will grow from the experience. Call today at 03 9898 3100 and talk to separation expert lawyers and arrange for free consultation.

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