A dispute, in general, can be a headache and a half for anyone. Can you imagine a dispute when it comes to managing a property? It is a real pain and stressful struggle. This is why you need to look out for your best interests.

There are many different forms of property disputes, but we are primarily focused on looking at disputes caused from a divorce. When your spouse and you cannot reach an agreement when it comes to your property assets, it might be better to turn it all over to the tribunal to make the decision for you.

When dealing with a property dispute there are a few ways to handle it:

  • First is through a paper decision in which case you won’t have an actual hearing to attend. You simply send in your application along with any and all supporting documents and you will typically get a response within six weeks of filing the paperwork. This decision is made by the tribunal after looking through your documents.
  • Your second option is an oral hearing. Now, this type is a public hearing in which you (or your representative) will present your case to the tribunal in person. This hearing will also give you a response within 6 weeks.

After the hearings, you can either accept the decision and be happy or you can file an appeal. If you file an appeal you have to be ready to back it up with any documents and a stronger case you had beforehand. The tribunals make their decisions based upon legislation based on plenty of factors, including salary, living standard, personality traits and many others.

Depending upon your case and your dispute it might be a wise decision to hire a property dispute lawyer to help you manage the hearings and paperwork. Your lawyer will also be up to speed on the laws and legislation and it will be this knowledge that will help you have the best chances of winning your dispute.

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