Hearing the outcome of a court hearing can hit you like a tonne of bricks – especially if the result isn’t the one you were hoping for. We have seen it time and again: people crumble after right the decision is made. Luckily we have some helpful tips to help you to get over the court’s decision:

  • Take a deep breath – While the result may not be the outcome you had expected or hoped for, the most important thing to keep in mind it is not final. You have other options that can change the outcome. Calm down and take a deep breath. You can’t think constructively when your mind isn’t in a stable thought process.
  • Don’t go against the proceedings at the time – Don’t try to fight the proceedings, as this could land you in even deeper trouble. While the proceedings might be a “tough pill to swallow”, there are legal and appropriate ways to handle the situation.
  • Review and assess – You tend to be blind to certain things during the court, and if you are able to review the proceedings, we recommend doing so. You will see things you might not have been able to see during the court process when emotions are running high. Take another look at the situation, or talk to your lawyer about it.
  • Appeal – Remember in most cases you can appeal the proceedings if you want. Now that isn’t saying that the outcome would change, but if you feel that the result was truly unfair, you always have the right to appeal the decision.
  • Consult your lawyer – We have made mention of consulting with your lawyer in a previous tip, but this one deserves its own bullet point. If you had a lawyer this will be easier to do, but if you did not, find one and fill them in on the case. Sometimes just talking to someone who can spell things out in laymen’s terms helps put things into perspective.  They can help you understand the process, provide closure and help you mount an appeal.

If you felt that you were treated unfairly during the court process remember there are ways to try change the proceedings. With legal counsel, you can challenge the court’s decision.

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