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Mirabellas Solicitors is an experienced law firm in Melbourne that focuses on providing its clients with consistent professional levels of services. For this reason our law team is committed to providing you with practical and effective legal advice to assist you resolve your matter in an efficient manner enabling you to move on with your life.

Mirabellas Solicitors is here to listen, answer & provide advice. For over 30 years Mirabellas Solicitors have been providing advice and assistance to people needing help with:

Family Law

Going through matrimonial and family law is a complex field to navigate. Our family law lawyers have the experience to handle all family law proceedings and are focus on ensuring that you get the best representation throughout this difficult period. We are the best family lawyers in Melbourne because we provide you with around the clock support and consistent communication.

Divorce & Separation

Divorce is hard for people. Our divorce lawyers in Melbourne are here to provide you with practical solutions and focused legal aid so that you get the best outcome. We will fight hard for our clients on all key issues, including property disputes, child support, child custody and distribution disputes. That is why we are recognised as the best divorce solicitors in Melbourne: we fight on all fronts and deliver the best result for our clients.

Family Law matters, Divorce and Separation, Criminal Matters, Traffic Offences, and Mediation.

Our Practice Areas Include


Family Law


Divorce & Separation


Property Disputes


Criminal Law


Wills, Estates & Probate

Traffic Offences




Legal Aid

At Mirabellas Solicitors

We believe in open communication to fully understand your case so we can provide you with a more personal consultation. Costs are in accordance with the basic cost scales as recommended by the Law Institute of Victoria. However costs can be negotiated depending on circumstances.

Legal Aid is also available.

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